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Commercial insurance To Relate or Not to Relate? Policyholders often face significant financial consequences depending on whether claims are related. As noted, the number of claims may affect the number of deductibles that the policyholder must pay, the limits available to the claims adjusters insured, and whether it even will have coverage. For example, if claims are related, and the first such claim was made in a year where policy terms were not favorable, or the coverage has been exhausted by other claims, the policyholder would end up with little or no coverage. Conversely, if that earliest policy had the best terms and its limits were intact, but later policies contained more narrow terms, it would be advantageous for a policyholder to argue that the claims were related. Building a Case for Coverage Once the policyholder decides to argue that claims are related, or not related, how should it go about winning the case? In any coverage dispute, one important issue is whether the insurance policy language is clear. If the policy language is ambiguous, that favors the policyholder, and the court would interpret the language to favor coverage under the facts of the particular case. Thus, its important to know whether, under applicable law, courts find the policy provision clear or cloudy.

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